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Celebrate exceptional Boise nonprofits with FUNDSY on May 7

Elizabeth Lizberg leads Camp Rainbow Gold, this year’s FUNDSY beneficiary.
Elizabeth Lizberg leads Camp Rainbow Gold, this year’s FUNDSY beneficiary.

We couldn’t be more excited for Camp Rainbow Gold. As FUNDSY’s 50th anniversary beneficiary, the local oncology camp and the families it serves have much to gain.

The legendary biennial FUNDSY charity auction and golf tournament have raised more than $7.2 million for Treasure Valley arts, education, civic and social-service organizations over the last half-century. This bodes well for Camp Rainbow Gold, which provides year-round programs such as medically supervised camps, college scholarships, support groups and other emotionally empowering experiences for cancer-stricken Idaho kids and their siblings and parents.

As the 2013-2014 recipient, Create Common Good knows firsthand how transformative the experience can be. FUNDSY raised $205,000 on our behalf, and the impact has been remarkable.

We use food to change lives by providing food service training to people with barriers to employment. FUNDSY’s gift allowed us to pay off our commercial kitchen space and add a dedicated classroom and a new walk-in cooler and freezer.

The expansion allowed us to scale the good by helping more people reach their full potential and achieve self-sufficiency. We put 70 people through our food-service-training and job-placement program in 2014, and that number grew by 63 percent in 2015 to 114 graduates.

We hope you’ll join us at this year’s gala May 7 at the Riverside Hotel. The soiree starts at 5:30 p.m., and tickets cost $250.

That’s no small sum, but you won’t find a more worthy recipient than Camp Rainbow Gold, and I promise the food will be fabulous. Although we don’t normally cater events, CCG prepared the meal for the 2014 gala, and everyone was so enamored with it FUNDSY invited us back for this year’s gala.

True to the event’s community-oriented nature, volunteer chefs working alongside CCG staff planned the entire menu. Our distinguished culinary artists include chef Mark Hill, who served as culinary director for Simplot’s global McDonald’s business unit for nearly two decades. Two more noteworthy Simplot corporate executive chefs, chef Michael Zeller and chef Randy King, are lending their talents along with chef Michelle Kwak, pastry chef at State & Lemp and a former CCG chef and training specialist.

Several Idaho companies are donating key components for this year’s meal, too. Agri Beef and Clear Springs Foods are providing the centerpiece ingredients for the two main entrées, Merlot Braised Short Ribs and Roulade of Rainbow Trout. Plus, Albertsons is donating much of the produce, some of which is bound for our vegetarian entrée, Rainbow Ratatouille.

You’ll not only enjoy some of our most creative culinary offerings to date, you’ll also get to see some of our trainees who’ve benefited from FUNDSY’s gift in action.

You’ll also be helping local children with cancer and their families celebrate life. Camp Rainbow Gold is such a commendable organization, and we’re thrilled to continue our partnership with them, which began last year when we helped develop a nutrient-rich menu for their camp.

Please help support Camp Rainbow Gold, celebrate FUNDSY’s golden jubilee, and continue the important work both organizations conduct in our community. Visit to buy tickets to the gala and learn how you can become involved.

Tracy Hitchcock is CEO of Create Common Good.