Guest Opinions

Second Amendment ‘taken out of context’

I recently wrote a letter about the Second Amendment to former Idaho Sen. Russ Fulcher and Greg Pruett, of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. I’d like to share my comments below.

Despite owning two shotguns, one high-powered rifle, two pistols and being a past member of the NRA, I have grown disgusted by what all the Second Amendment groups claim and push.

When resigning from the NRA about 15 years ago, it was after reading an eight-page NRA insert in Outdoor Life Magazine, which claimed that “If we are forced to register our guns (on first page), we lose the right to hunt” (second page), then on and on until page eight, which said, “You will lose the right to read newspapers and magazines of your choice.”

I immediately cut up my NRA card and sent it to Wayne LaPierre, who might as well be on the payroll of gun and bullet manufacturers. My statement to him was, “I must register my car, but have I lost the right to drive?” “I must get a marriage license, but am still married….” etc.

His letter answer to me was, “You are nothing but an Eastern media liberal.”

I quickly answered: “You are as smart as all your members — I live in California (not the East), am a registered Republican (have worked for Republican candidates) and have nothing to do with the media.”

It is fortunate for the NRA and all these Second Amendment groups that most members are ill-informed, misinformed, unable to read anything of substance and maybe even stupid.

Fulcher and Pruett both should reread the Second Amendment and note that at the very beginning the reference is to “a well-regulated militia.”

The amendment has been conveniently taken out of context. Why don’t they also protest that we cannot carry bazookas and machine guns?

I can understand Mr. Fulcher’s support of this effort because he is a politician who will say and do anything to get votes. But Mr. Pruett?

Charles Bonner spent 25 years in the food business in California, then started a merger/acquisition and venture capital company and continued that business when moving to Idaho 15 years ago.