Guest Opinions

Publish all ‘facts’ on global warming

It was refreshing to note that after the many articles you have printed and reprinted in support of the global warming debate, you allowed Michael Tomlin to express his view. Alyson Martin’s guest opinion the day before on the subject suggested a financial link to those who are “nonbelievers” — which I find very interesting because it has been my observation that climate change alarmists all have either a political or financial reason (or both) that would explain their support.

Government grants and studies designed to reaffirm the official government view have produced some unmistakable incentives and may explain some of the seemingly predetermined studies. Videos of glacial “calving” (ice chunks breaking off into the sea) is available everywhere, but the undeniable fact that the ice in the Arctic is getting thicker, not thinner, is never noted, but remains a fact undisputed and undeniable by scientists.

I am unsure of some of the other “facts” being reported, but if some facts are withheld because they don’t “fit,” then I am suspicious of what other information could also remain unreported to interested parties.

I am not sure of the current global situation, but I do know that historically our climate changes with or without man’s use of fossil fuels. Even in the comparatively short time man has been on the planet, we know that the climate has been much warmer than it is today.

Over a thousand years ago, Greenland was discovered by Eric the Red, a Viking explorer. He named it “Greenland” because it best described the land where he brought others and established settlements. His son, Leif Ericson, became leader of the settlements after his death.

History records that the settlers raised livestock and crops, and this has been verified through excavations over the years. Ice cores of the area show that pine, yew, and alder trees, as well as butterflies, moths and beetles, lived there (see older issues of Science Magazine). Today, Greenland is a very different place from what global warming advocates would have told you to expect “because of modern man’s usage of fossil fuels.” It is now a frozen land covered with ice and snow. It is hard to imagine that it once had pastures where animals could graze and forests grow. Could we instead be in an era of global cooling? “Evidence” was presented not that long ago that such a thing was happening (Time magazine).

Today I see a mixed bag of “evidence” with a political agenda strongly supporting, financing and favoring only one view. Could this be the modern equivalent of the ancient belief that Earth is flat ... since selected evidence is pointing in that direction? Closing your mind to possibilities other than the one you favor is not a very scientific way to establish truth.

Protecting the planet and our environment is a noble cause, and one I support, but being honest and objective in the way you go about it is also admirable and noble.

Tyler J. Smith is a retired dentist and lives in Meridian.