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Jerry Sturgill: A love letter to Idaho

Jerry Sturgill
Jerry Sturgill

Idaho, I love you.

I left you after college and law school — for work — but always promised to return.

Came home 21 years ago, when Mom was sick with cancer. But, honestly ... you weren’t looking too good, either.

Education is suffering. Infrastructure, crumbling. People in poverty. Graduates fleeing for jobs. All your neighbors are doing better than you — much better.

I hope you’ve not grown so accustomed to your condition, you’re not willing to try something new. If you keep sending the same stale guy to Washington, hoping for improvement, nothing will change.

Sure, he has experience. Lots of money. Fancy committee. But what has he done for you, really?

A few good things, yes, but he could have been so much more for you. Sadly, his effectiveness and focus have been eroded by partisanship, money and greed.

I’ve warned you he’s on the take. He’s gotten millions from banks and other financial institutions, while he’s been in a position of oversight on the Senate Banking Committee. Yes, that’s the committee in charge when the mortgage crisis hit and you lost your retirement savings.

Says he can fix the federal deficit and national debt? It’s a hoax. He’s been out there for 24 years and things are worse, not better. His efforts at “collaboration” and “compromise” came to nothing.

Frankly, he’s playing on your fears, using problems he helped create to convince you he’s the only one who can fix them. Would you go back to the surgeon who left the scalpel in your gut?

Don’t fall for his exaggerations. Two-thirds of that $19 trillion of national debt we owe to ourselves. The other third is a tiny fraction of the total value of our national assets and we can pay it off — if he and his friends don’t ruin the economy.

And they seem to be trying. They want to cut taxes for the rich and starve your education and your infrastructure — like a bunch of medieval doctors who will bleed you rather than feed you.

Did you say “Trump”? Doesn’t it bother you that your friend has swerved from partisan, to principled, to pandering? I thought you said he was “principled”?

OK, you’re right, I’m new to politics. But I have solid business experience, and I’m a fast learner. I don’t have the millions your friend has had to visit all your towns or pay for a glitzy, mind-numbing political campaign.

My “Campaign for Idaho” is a grass-roots, friend-to-friend effort, bringing people together and working on solutions. This is far more powerful than all the dirty money he has spent.

I know you. I care for you. I have proved I can be a force for change on your behalf.

I will fight for term limits, campaign finance reform, education and equal pay for women. I will protect your public lands and all the other things I know are important to you.

I’m here for you. Vote for change.

Jerry Sturgill is the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate from Idaho.