Letters to the Editor

Johnson letter: Faith healing

I did not know when I came to Idaho I had moved to a place where it is OK to bypass medical treatment for a child as long as you are a “Christian.” I mean the horror of allowing parents to deprive children of medical care in the name of “faith healing.” Really? Why is this not a crime? If these parents were forcing their children to live outdoors naked and forage for their food because they read in the book of Matthew that God would provide all physical needs, they would be charged with neglect and abuse. How is it not neglect and abuse to allow a child to die, over agonizing weeks, of some treatable ailment like diabetes or septicemia?

I support the rights of citizens who wish to live by irrational delusions privately, but I draw the line where their nonsense causes permanent harm to children who had no say in the matter. Children are the last chattels in our society. Animals have more rights. It is time we put the well-being of these vulnerable young ones at least on a par with dairy cows, and ended this shameful and murderous pandering to crackpots.

Rosanne Johnson, Boise