Letters to the Editor

Bradbury letter: Donald Trump

Got cancer? See an oncologist, not a barber. Water pipes jammed? Call a plumber, not a pastry chef. Economy in the toilet? Elect somebody who can balance a checkbook, not a former first lady. Shouldn’t require rocket science but it obviously does.

We’ve gone from 9 to 20 trillion in the hole, borders wide open, nobody safe anywhere, yet still, through massive voter fraud and indoctrination, watch what happens in November. Another “fashion statement” under the guise of political correctness. If you lied to the FBI, you’d be in jail.

If we give away everything our founders gained for us, it’s our kids and grandkids who will pay for it. History, past and present, clearly illustrates that this is the very government our founders warned us about.

Mike Bradbury, Mountain Home