Letters to the Editor

Lord letter: Idaho political scandals

The Statesman’s recent recounting of Idaho political scandals bizarrely left out Sen. Mike Crapo’s arrest outside Washington, D.C., for driving under the influence. The victims of drunk driving represent a substantial portion of all traffic deaths and injuries in Idaho every year, and Crapo’s dangerous conduct sends a terrible signal to Idahoans about the gravity of such reckless behavior. Whatever opinion one has about former Sen. Larry Craig’s indiscretions, which the Statesman felt necessary to cover once again, he had the decency to not threaten serious harm upon his fellow citizens. Holding Crapo to a lower standard does a serious disservice to Idaho voters who deserve public servants capable of the highest moral standards, which generally means avoiding a mug shot while in elected office. Mike Crapo wants to campaign on protecting the nation’s security, but how can we trust him with such vital issues when we can’t trust him to stay sober on the way home from the office?

Max Lord, Boise