Letters to the Editor

White letter: Hillary Clinton

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself ... and Donald Trump.

Trump supporters remind me of the brain dead zeros on Big Brother plus Jerry Springer’s audiences.

Mitt Romney had no concession speech prepared. Neither will The Donald. Once Hillary wins, he’ll just sue everybody.

Is he worried? Is that why he’s saying that the election process is rigged? OK, but only in Florida back in 2000.

The FBI exonerated Hillary. That should have ended it, but nooo. The GOP Revenge and Ruin Society won’t give up. Without proof, they just make up stuff. Anything to keep the cows, who blindly follow the herd, stirred up.

Nobody’s going to take our guns. That’s an NRA scare tactic, aimed at those cows blindly following the herd.

Obama and Hillary didn’t create ISIS. George W. Bush did when he lied to the American people and invaded Iraq, at the cost of thousands of innocent lives.

Hillary isn’t everybody’s favorite candidate for president, but she’s better than the crazy guy.

We already have terrorists, the NRA and Internet crime. Add Donald Trump as president and we’re in trouble.

Ken White, Twin Falls