Letters to the Editor

Arons letter: Donald Trump

This is in response to the opinion about Donald Trump that was published in Sunday, Aug. 21, paper.

America is lost and she needs to find her way back. Billions of dollars in debt, thanks Obama. We have lost over 5 million jobs due to the freeing up of labor forces in Asia, particularly China due to their political reform. A candidate who really intends to do something for Americans and their economy must be willing to go over the heads of Congress and their entrenched interests. He or she must go directly to the American public and rally for a new agenda for American growth. The name calling antics ... I can use a few names — liar, corrupt and dishonest. Americans deserve more. In response to guns, open carry has been around since before the birth of this nation. Open carry used to be the norm and no one had to be licensed to hide your gun. Restrictive gun laws have been created to suppress the ability of minorities and criminals to carry guns. How’s Chicago working out? Obama said in 2008 “Hillary will say anything and change nothing.” As for me I am voting Trump for real change.

Justine Arons, Eagle