Letters to the Editor

Mattern letter: Constitutional drift

Are we drifting away from our Constitution?

We have just passed a record, a milestone, which makes me wonder how serious our senators are when it comes to honoring our Constitution. It has been 125 days since Merrick Garland was nominated as a Supreme Court justice. I have been very surprised and dismayed at the lack of respect the Senate has shown Mr. Garland since his nomination. If you believe the news reports then you will have noticed that very few senators have even taken the time to discuss or interview him on his positions or his character. So while the Constitution does not require a timetable for voting on a Supreme Court nominee, passing the 125-day mark does set a record, a substandard record I contend, only surpassed in 1916 for Louis D. Brandeis, according to the Statesman article of July 31.

Congress has an amazingly low approval rating and they wonder why that is. By drifting away from our Constitution, going on “vacation” while important work awaits their return. It’s also surprising that we keep sending these same representatives back to Washington and expect a different outcome.

Frank W. Mattern, Boise