Letters to the Editor

Leonard letter: ACHD road work

We all know ACHD and the city of Boise have had their disagreements over the years. Well, this year it is clear that ACHD has decided to exact their revenge on Boise. This goes beyond the usual inept traffic light timing causing ACHD traffic jams and the normal frustration of north-south or south-north travel in Boise. This year ACHD has failed to coordinate with ITD or the construction activity taking place in downtown Boise. Why downtown road work is taking place in the same year as all of the building construction is a mystery. ACHD has blocked off roads for days with no apparent progress in whatever construction is taking place. Downtown sidewalks have been ripped up with little apparent thought as to traffic or pedestrian use patterns. The usual chipseal projects have also been conducted with little thought as to other work in near proximity. As usual, projects have dragged on far longer that would appear to be necessary.

We in Boise deeply care about our quality of living; that quality which ACHD is apparently determined to ruin this summer. Perhaps ACHD has outlived its usefulness.

Nikki Leonard, Boise