Letters to the Editor

Tanton letter: 16th and Front streets

Ever since the Cooper Court deal with the homeless. Boise city fenced off a section of sidewalk and pavement under the overpass. There was nothing wrong with that area of pavement or the sidewalk other than it was a shaded place for the homeless.

In order to keep the fence up Ada County Highway Division left a large pile of old pavement they tore up from the Front Street project there for months after the project was done. Now, I go by, and they have torn up the pavement and the sidewalk for no other reason but to keep the fence up and the homeless out. That walkway was not that old and there was nothing wrong with it.

I’m sure ACHD and the city are racking their brain to figure out what kind of stupid thing to put there or do to the road to warrant this loss of public traffic access. With this the homeless are having to hang out at Rhodes Skate Park in order to be close to housing and the food kitchen. I’m sure they are waiting for the skaters to complain so they can chase off the homeless again.

Tim L. Tanton, Boise