Letters to the Editor

Haller letter: Clintons’ woes

Ms. Chozick’s commentary (New York Times, of course) on Clinton’s woes was the most pathetic, adolescent, sycophantic commentary on two major political figures in recent American history. Bill was “shattered” by the loss of a governor’s race. Hillary “calling wealthy friends and asking for help.” “It was up to her” to hold things together. Then Hillary got a “taste” of being a “working mother, without any help, to have to care for a small baby and care for (her) job.”

Give me a break. Two lawyers from a prestigious law school with “wealthy friends” to call, which no doubt resulted in a $50,000/year job for Hillary (far above median family income at the time), and they are “financially strained.” My rear end. And, oh yeah, she had to live in a house down the hill from Winthrop Rockefeller estate, which cast a shadow over their backyard, drive an Oldsmobile, use furniture from thrift shops and chase after the family dog. Poor baby. I don’t believe a word of it.

The Clintons were solidly middle-class politicians who became rich through politics, spending other people’s money. Enough said.

William Haller, Boise