Letters to the Editor

Ahrens letter: Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not dangerous. What he represents is. But not in the way that many want the American populace to believe.

Donald Trump represents the voice of the American voters who are tired of not being represented by their elected representatives. He represents the voice of American voters who believe in liberty, self-determination and personal responsibility. He represents the voice of American voters who believe that everyone is capable of contributing; that everyone at times needs a hand up, not a handout; and that we must take care of our own problems before we can take care of the world.

Our voice is what is dangerous. We threaten the status quo. We are saying no more to politicians and corporations who line their pockets and increase their own power at the expense of our country, citizens, and children’s future. We believe in law and order, established by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Donald Trump is not dangerous. He represents those Americans who are standing up and saying enough of corruption, enough of proliferating helplessness, enough of being told what to believe, think and say.

We are determined. We are going to vote. To some, that is very dangerous.

Kim Ahrens, Boise