Letters to the Editor

Sherman letter: HOAs

Regarding HOAs from hell, some very big points. HOAs are comprised of every homeowner in a community, not mysterious evil overlords; presumably Judy Thomas, of The Kansas City Star, means the board of directors. Boards of directors are elected at HOA annual meetings. If the homeowners association members do not like the leadership, they have the option of voting them out. If the CC&Rs contain ridiculous rules, homeowners should get involved and rewrite them. All homeowners have a responsibility to ensure their community is well run. Often many homeowners would just as soon complain rather than be proactive. Prospective homeowners also must be sure they understand and agree with the CC&Rs prior to purchasing, if they don’t like the rules, they should not purchase. Piecemeal fuzzy legislation cause enforcement issues and a great deal of confusion among HOA leaders who are attempting to serve the best interests of their community. Our community has a waiting list of folks wishing to buy because we provide an appealing environment with amenities individual homeowners would not otherwise have. Why doesn’t your paper do an investigative article about the positive aspects of living in an HOA rather than assuming that one investigative journalist’s slant is the norm rather than the exception?

Rita Sherman, president, Willowbrook HOA, Garden City