Letters to the Editor

Latham letter: Politicizing soldiers

My letter is in response to Maj. Michael Tomlin. First, thank you for your service to our great nation, it is truly appreciated. In your letter to the editor, printed in the Idaho Statesman Aug. 14, you state that you were trained in the military to view your fellow soldiers as just that, soldiers, regardless of their individual identities. You raise a great point about one of the things our nation does very well, incorporate diversity into a greater construct. To allege that the Khan family was duped into politicizing their beloved son’s death is where I disagree with you. If the Khan family chose to speak about their son’s death because they felt it was relevant to the current political discussion, then so be it; luckily they live in a country that allows them to do so. To suggest they were conned into anything appears a thinly veiled slight against the Khan family and the Democratic Party. I wonder if you would feel differently about the subject if “Baptist Americans” were at the forefront of American distrust. Speaking of erroneously politicizing soldiers, I’m sure Kathryn Gates-Skipper wasn’t chosen to speak at the RNC for any particular reason.

Jeff Latham, Boise