Letters to the Editor

Hull letter: Disgusting cartoon

I didn’t think that even the Statesman would sink so low as to print the disgusting “cartoon” that appeared in in the Aug. 11 paper accusing Mr. Khan of politicizing his son’s sacrifice. It didn’t seem to bother the cartoon’s creator, Michael Tomlin, that the Republicans trotted out their share of Gold Star parents at their circus in Cleveland, Ohio. Oh, I forgot, in Tomlim’s clouded view of the world, if Republicans do it, it’s somehow OK. Look up the definition of cartoon in the dictionary. This trash was an opinion from a right wing hack, not a cartoon. Tomlin, in his “cartoon” says neither Hillary nor President Obama have ever sacrificed anything. Really, Tomlin? Both of these people have sacrificed years of their lives in service to the people of this country. Just because the people on the right have such a pathological hatred of both Hillary and Obama does not lessen that service. Shame on you, Tomlin, and shame on Robert Ehlert for allowing this trashy hatchet job on Khan to be published. The Trump campaign proves that Republicans, especially in Idaho, support any bottom feeder so long as their name is followed by an “R.”

Keith Hull, Garden Valley