Letters to the Editor

Viste letter: Clinton emails

The Clinton emails have been the subject of some recent letters. They should be put in proper perspective. In their four-year-long, six multimillion-dollar investigations of the Benghazi incident, the Republicans got access to Clinton’s emails. The Benghazi investigations ended with the committee report saying in effect, “We think she did something wrong but we couldn’t find it.” But they found some missteps in the emails. It is charged that a double standard applies to Clinton. That is true. Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice had private email servers, but only Clinton was investigated. If the others had been investigated undoubtedly similar missteps would have been found. Former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates said with all the confusion, retroactive classification, reclassification, hundreds of staff and others sending and receiving emails, similar missteps are bound to occur. Comey, a Republican, compromised the FBI’s credibility by getting involved in the partisan fishing expedition in the first place. He didn’t find legal problems but he couldn’t let well enough alone without getting in some partisan digs at Clinton.

Kenneth Viste, Boise