Letters to the Editor

Sirhall letter: More pressing problems

I read an article about Archie comics in the Smithsonian discussing how characters should change. Betty and Veronica should be lesbian. We waste too much time and energy on publicly discussing sexual preferences when other more pressing issues go unheralded. I am not advocating discrimination. I am advocating a better use of the energy and exuberance expended on this issue. Folks from the president on down need to address the following: the negative effects of rapid global warming on food production, potable water and absolute disappearance of fisheries; Mr. Putin, a most dangerous person, more akin to Leonid Brezhnev than Boris Yeltsin; an increasingly aggressive China who believes it can impose its will on the U.S. through a several hundred million man army without realizing our conventional military can kill hundreds of millions of Chinese; and, ironically appropriate with the ancient concept of the Olympics, an increasingly polluted ocean spotlighted by the raw sewage and body parts spewing into the ocean, used for certain events, off Rio’s beaches. If we do not quickly learn to work together in solving these problems, we shall most assuredly perish together.

Lawrence G. Sirhall Jr., Boise