Letters to the Editor

Goyden letter: Traffic control

I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly with Lauren McCarter’s and Eric Higgins’ letter to the editor in the Aug. 7 Statesman regarding the head-in-the-sand approach the city, county and state take towards traffic control.

My own life has been on the margin more times than I would like because of red light runners, crazy lane changers and excessive speeding. It is not and will be not the greatest city to live in while this is permitted, even condoned.

The downtown merchants complain and get some results because of noise from “cruising.” But the rest of the city endures the unmuffled irritation of the choppers leaving the bars at closing. Response to earlier complaints whines that more police are expensive. But the city sees no end to money being poured into artworks and repeated studies for the mayor’s trolley vision.

I love the art, I love safety more. We seem to have a mayor and council that will do whatever big money asks for but closes their ears to the public’s interests. This follows suit for the county (e.g. Royal extension) and the state (e.g. Add the Words, health care, local options). Is anyone listening?

Robert Goyden, Boise