Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: State of our nation

I have never seen so much discourse and division among people in my life, whether it be the RNC or DNC, and it’s a disgrace because there is no ethics or accountability anymore because all we see is a bunch of children who are supposed to be adults fighting to be king of the sandbox rather than be cordial. There are no examples being set today, and why should children be any different because they see adults acting the fool rather than find common footing to working out common solutions to the crisis we are facing and the problems rising because of the situation we are in as a country. I see a ship of complaints and no one to answer and we are sinking in an ocean of no return with no life rafts and we are drowning in sorrow and misery when I wish we had more heroes who would save us and create hope and opportunity. We in America have the greatest minds yet they are being wasted, and we have people who have the ability to fix things yet they are kept from doing what they do best. That sums it up.

John Landers, Wilder