Letters to the Editor

Carnie letter: U.S. Supreme Court

The Statesman’s July 31 article on the United States Supreme Court points to earlier anti-semitism. In the present instance, however, it can only be called bigotry (neither racial nor religious but, rather, political), at the hands of the United States Senate or, more accurately, by its Republican majority.

Here is my message to Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, Idaho’s two Republican members of that body:

“In the oath to which you subscribed when citizens of Idaho elected you to the United States Senate, you swore to represent and uphold the rights of those citizens, all of those citizens, irrespective of whether or not they voted for you. Currently, you do not. In refusing to consider presidential nominations to the Supreme Court you turn your back on the Constitution you were elected to uphold. Solely for political profit you deprive all Idaho citizens, indeed all American citizens, of the justice to which they are entitled under that Constitution. These actions, despite your oath, are those of little more than political hacks, mindlessly following party leadership. It is time that you become not just Republican senators but, indeed, United States senators.”

Kent Carnie, Boise