Letters to the Editor

Klein letter: Republican Party

As I watch the train wreck that is the Republican campaign for the White House, a number of thoughts occur. There is no need in commenting on Mr. Trump; I think he has met his Waterloo in Khizr Kahn, just as Eugene McCarthy met his in Joseph Welch.

What I find troubling is the state of the Republican Party. This party seems to have no ideas, they have no courage, they have no sense of decency. They have been the party of “no” for close to eight years with no other agenda but to thwart anything forwarded by President Obama.

At that they have been reasonably successful — to the detriment of the country. Do they plan to do that for the next four to eight years as well? Have they become so lazy that getting nothing done and/or shutting down government is the new measure of success?

If so, it will take the loss of the House and Senate to bring them to their senses. We can only hope that happens sooner rather than later.

Note to the Democratic Party. After the election, offer a hand across the aisle to Republicans. A one-party system is not good for this country either.

Kevin Klein, Boise