Letters to the Editor

Weilage letter: Hybrid fees

Robbery has 2 B’s.

Why do hybrid cars get charged extra fees in Idaho for energy saving and pollution reducing emissions? Some of our state representatives must be otters.

There are dozens of non-hybrid cars that get over 40 MPG yet they have no extra fees. Motorcycles and bikes use the road yet we do not charge them extra for use but we maintain the highway and bike lanes for them. I understand reducing or eliminating the unfair fee failed in the last legislative session because someone threw in a rider relating to Idaho State Police funding. That should not have been allowed as they are two separate issues.

Let’s be fair and share the cost more equitably. If you use the road you should pay for it. There is much room in this fee charge for improvement.

Yes, I do believe some of the representatives remind me of otters, they must be voting for Trump.

Daniel Weilage, Boise