Letters to the Editor

Tomlin letter: Capt. Kahn controversy

I am writing about the controversy surrounding the late Capt. Humayun Kahn, whose parents spoke at the Democratic National Convention. As a veteran I am outraged over the coverage, to wit, the story in the Idaho Statesman (Aug. 1) by the New York Times News Service referring to Capt. Kahn as a “Muslim American soldier.” No, he was not. He was an American soldier.

I was taught at Ft. Polk, La. (1969) that we were not white nor black, rich nor poor, Catholic nor Protestant, Jew nor any other. We were American soldiers. The military was a place where you served, fought, bled and (some) died a soldier, nothing more and nothing less. I certainly did not serve as a “Baptist American solder,” nor any other demographic.

I am outraged at those who conned the Khans into giving a political speech at a political convention, for a political cause and politician. The unfortunate Khans now blame others for “politicizing” their son’s death but they misplace the blame.

Those who need to read the Constitution are those who divide our country with identity politics. God forbid they do the same to our military.

(Maj.) Michael Tomlin, U.S. Army, Ret., Eagle