Letters to the Editor

Stipp letter: We The People

Third Party — ‘We The People’

Status-quo politics takes credit for a million jobs created. This rate will take 300 years to employ 100 million employable citizens. We need 300,000 new manufacturing companies, allowing us to pay a $20-an-hour living wage; dropping the business tax to 10 percent and putting in the “Fair Tax” — which means being taxed only on what you purchase — circulates our money much faster, and more in the banks. The New Industrial Revolution, Baby Boom and housing, starts by building the new power grid in the Rockies towards the oceans. With sea levels rising, where 80 percent of Americans live, we need to move inland, build our new communities underground. The Glory of the Earth is hot and cold. No one can stop it. It is about The New Americanism, protecting us, to make it happen.

Lamont H. Stipp, Emmett