Letters to the Editor

Hutz letter: Refugee article

On July 30 I read an article about refugees in our area (Treasure Valley) with interest. After reading it I actually had goose bumps from what Officer Damir Subasic said. I relocated to Idaho in 2015 after retiring as an educator. I found it interesting that my home was built by many countries. My tile was done by a contractor who came from Bosnia; my HVAC man was from Russia; my paint, stucco, framers were from Mexico. I am a firm believer that if you work hard in America, the Dream is possible. I thank Officer Damir Subasic for his insight and words to all. Thank you to all of the men, women, who relocated from another country, and work hard towards the American Dream. In today’s news there is so much negativity about refugees, I am hopeful it will open other readers’ eyes and hearts towards refugees.

Karen Hutz, Meridian