Letters to the Editor

Brown letter: Pokemon Go

A friend recently downloaded a certain game whose name resembles a cartoon diuretic. Having walked 25 miles playing it, he concluded, “This is stupid.” He deleted it from his phone and rebelliously went for a 4-mile walk in the local park, noting the park was much more interesting and fun to look at than his phone, with which he had previously walked through the park seeing nothing of the scenery, while seeking imaginary creatures in a game aimed at 7- to 10-year-olds.

Combining Twitter with Pokémon Go would be more fun. Take an individual issuing moronic tweets on a daily basis: This person could be accurately labeled a “Twit,” then hunted down and flashmobbed with Peek-Atchoos, which appear to be neon rats with static electricity issues.

Market it as “Go Poke A Twit, Mon.”

Jason Brown, Boise