Letters to the Editor

Bianchetti letter: November elections

We are almost to November elections, and the days following up to our civic duty (don’t forget, people died for this honor to vote), let’s keep that in mind. This is a great country. We don’t need a lot of bickering, name-calling, and all of the other childish comments and slams from both parties. There are a lot of good deceased presidents that must be rolling in their graves by now. Let’s not forget how many sacrificed just to be able to be free — free speech, freedom to bear arms, freedoms of all sorts. Teach our children what freedom is really all about and how this great country got to be the most powerful in the world. Let’s start smiling at one another, taking care of each other, teaching children the fundamentals of doing the right thing. And yes, it is possible. Let the blowhards in D.C. duke it out among themselves. We all have the say here. If you like them, vote for them, if you don’t, move on. We are the people and sometimes it is nice to remind them that if we voted them in, we can also vote them out. Washington, grow up.

Karen Bianchetti, Boise