Letters to the Editor

Becerra letter: Civil War veteran service

My husband, brother and I attended the service Aug. 2 for the Civil War veteran whose remains were transported through the state to his final destination of Maine. It was a touching tribute. To see veterans old and young attend and acknowledge the remains of Pvt. Jewett Williams was a kind reminder that a sense of respect for others and patriotism still exists. We live in what often feels as a fast-paced lifestyle, void of empathy and compassion. Yet the services of Cloverdale Mortuary and other businesses that donated time and resource, the Patriot Riders, who are transporting the remains of Jewett Williams across the states to his home, and the individuals that gathered for this journey speak of an ingrained sense of decency and compassion that is part of all of us. This was not about politics or the economy or world terror. It was a simple reminder that life matters and we share a connection to the past and for the tomorrows.

Jana Becerra, Meridian