Letters to the Editor

Martin letter: The American Way

The bigger picture: So why is it “verboten” to fly the Confederate flag, but OK to wave communist flags at the Democratic National Convention? Guess the American flags were being burnt by haters outside.

When protesters at immigration rallies wave the flags of their countries, guess they’re not that serious at becoming Americans. They don’t have the desire to integrate into Western society, but instead try to create a second parallel society, which must be why everyone is a “hyphenated” American. I was taught that we are Americans first, and what ever country you came from was second.

Then there’s those who are “thin skinned.” Can’t voice an opinion, you’re a bigot or intolerant. How did the minority voice become the majority voice in this country?

While we’re at it, let your president empty Gitmo of captured jihadists so we have to fight them again. Brilliant plan. Free handouts from your government, this generation wanting free food, free college and free money.

To think, I complained when Obama gave away free cellphones. So, if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. It’s the American way.

Gene Martin, Emmett