Letters to the Editor

Lunsford letter: Donald Trump

If Donald Trump loses this upcoming presidential election, the American people will likely get a tongue lashing unlike anything they’ve ever heard before. This man can’t handle rejection and he’s going to retaliate with one of those long winded, blistering speeches about how ignorant and stupid he thinks the American people are.

Trump won’t thank those who voted for him, he will likely accuse them of not working hard enough to get him elected. He may even threaten them with a lawsuit. There’s a time-honored tradition in this contest where the loser congratulates the winner, but Trump won’t do it. He’ll likely scream conspiracy and demand a recount.

Do the right thing. Come election day, say ‘no’ to Donald Trump, so we the people of America and the rest of the world will get a chance to see how ignorant, stupid, vindictive and hateful this man can be.

Roy Lunsford, Kuna