Letters to the Editor

Taylor letter: Safe driving

On July 24 at 12:30 p.m. while traveling north on Idaho 55 and approaching Idaho 17 at Banks, a utility company service truck (dual wheeled with a small lift crane) pulled out of 17 and made a left turn in front of my 4,000-pound pickup truck towing a 4,000-pound trailer while we were just 20 feet away. I am 76 years old and we were extremely lucky enough to slow down to just narrowly miss the utility truck by a foot. My impaired heart really took a hit with that incident. I was quite shaken and had to end our planned week vacation in McCall and return to Boise. I end this little note with a plea for companies to put together some kind of refresher class on safe and responsible driving and have your service people attend.

I am OK now and will soon leave again for McCall. This was the most serious of three incidents involving this company’s employees’ bad driving this year. Thank you and God bless for taking the time to hear me out.

Robert A. Taylor, Boise