Letters to the Editor

McCarter letter: Speeders, police

We aren’t as thrilled by the expensive “Stealth” police SUVs and tinted glass sedans as we don’t feel any safer on our streets. A man from Columbia Village was featured on the news. He and most of us are getting fed up with speeders and red-light runners. Catalpa residents recently felt they needed 25 mph signs on their mailboxes, 13th Street posted signs asking drivers to respect their pedestrian neighborhood, State Street at 45-50 mph is a nightmare.

Why haven’t we reported these offenders? My husband tried to report a woman passing him on the left just as he turned left on our cul-de-sac. When he reported it to Ada County, their auto reply said to call police dispatch. We have the dispatch number on our cellphones but we aren’t fast enough to get their license. We just don’t believe there are enough traffic cops.

Constant road construction, sidewalk improvement and seal-coating are making road rage and excessive speeding a daily crises. It’s a free-for-all in our neighborhoods and we don’t see police presence where they should be, to control speeders. Also, politicians that make our freeways 80 mph and commercial streets 55 mph hour clearly want an “end to the surplus population.”

Lauren McCarter and Eric S. Higgins, Boise