Letters to the Editor

Hathhorn letter: Fire warning system

I live up on the Mesa where the Table Rock fire was a few weeks ago. It was frightening to watch as this fire spread so quickly, and I am thankful for our fire department and all they did to save homes and lives. This brings me to something that I have been pondering since then. For those of us who live in the Foothills, fire is a real danger. We have no warning system in place in the event that people would have to evacuate quickly. It would be virtually impossible for people to go door to door in the middle of the night, and most people turn their televisions off when they go to bed. Coastal cities have tsunami warnings and other states have sirens to warn of tornadoes. Is it too far-fetched to think about designing a warning siren of sorts for the Foothills in case of fire danger? We would never have known about this fire except for my niece, who called to let us know. Just a thought and wanted to put this out there. Any thoughts on this? Thank you.

Tina Hathhorn, Boise