Letters to the Editor

Crow letter: Great nation?

At a time just after our nation’s full attention was on the Republican and Democratic conventions, I think a little perspective may be helpful. Donald Trump wants to make America great again. But what does it mean for a nation to be great? I’m sure many of us would have varying definitions of greatness. As a Christian, I wonder what a great nation would look like from God’s perspective. I think a great nation would be one that enabled the freedom of its citizens, while nurturing the sense of community necessary not to allow that freedom to harm others. A great nation would use its power to defend those who can’t defend themselves, whether or not they live within its borders. It would be a nation where all are welcome and valued as bearers of God’s image. A great nation would be one where the laws are not written nor enforced to the advantage of a few. Generosity and forgiveness would be encouraged. It would strive to ensure that no one fell through the cracks. In a great nation, there would always be hope, and a belief that just as no individual is truly a lost cause, neither is any nation.

John Crow, Boise