Letters to the Editor

Meade letter: St. Luke’s

St. Luke’s hospital has prevailed and that entity will gobble up more land under the guise of “what’s good for the hospital benefits everyone.” My issue with the land grab is that it takes more land out of the tax base. After all, St. Luke’s operates under a tax-exempt status as it complies with section 501:c of the tax code. So who now pays the tax that was lost as the hospital absorbs those parcels of land? And the answer is the taxpayers, you and me. Granted, that is only a small percentage, but I wonder how much the hospital has taken out of the overall tax base as it has grown from its single source to multiple settings? Under the guise of Obamacare the hospitals have achieved more power to change the health care system. Where will it end? We already have hospitals or health care venues on, seemingly, every corner in town, and the taxpayers are footing part of the bill. I do not think a partial refund is in the works.

James Meade, Meridian