Letters to the Editor

Howard letter: Donald Trump

What conclusions can we draw from the fact that Canyon County has twice the Medicaid recipients per capita as its next-door neighbor, Ada County? (24.6 percent vs. 13 percent. Source: IDHW). Beyond the most obvious, there’s one conclusion that is very telling: Many of us, who are not Donald Trump supporters, have been perplexed as to how a large enough majority of voters could be so fed up with current American governance that they’re willing to support such a radical, hostile candidate (and accused racist). Part of the answer is that Donald Trump, if often politically incorrect, is sometimes brutally honest ... he’s not afraid to point out the obvious ... such as which citizens create inordinate tax burdens and which Americans shoulder the majority of that burden. Not only are taxpayers forced to support many dishonest, slothful welfare recipients (who drain limited resources from those genuinely deserving of public assistance), hardworking taxpayers are oftentimes blamed for the self-inflicted problems of these opportunistic slackers. This isn’t judgment, just observation — even the Bible admonishes the able-bodied to either work or go hungry.

This “taxation without adequate representation” has created a political climate rife for revolution ... and Donald Trump has put out a siren call to lead that revolt.

Michael F. Howard, Boise