Letters to the Editor

Lee letter: Perceptions

My perceptions:

1. You learn from the past. You don’t dwell in it.

2. Closed-minded and/or chip-on-the-shoulder people show their ignorance for learning.

3. Truth lights the path. Lies cloud it. Honest people want truth when they perceive lies, deception and injustice to prevail.

4. Common sense is lost when stupidness trends. (Political correctness — there is always going to be people who will be offended.)

5. If you complain about something then you’re not using your mind to solve it.

6. Listening is an art that few people have, that’s why solutions to problems come from many people. It takes everyone to listen, really listen, to each other for it to be solved.

7. To share God’s blessings is to share his love — enriching you and everyone around you.

Margaret Lee, Caldwell