Letters to the Editor

Klocke letter: Foothills airstrip

Too often, we see Guest Opinions speaking for an organization that seem to make a very poor case on behalf of said organization. Angela Rossman’s recent opinion stating “Airstrip in Boise’s East Foothills a terrible idea” (Guest Opinion July 24). Terrible? Why? Maybe it is, but no factual data was presented indicating why it is “terrible.” It is suggested wildlife will be impacted, when, in fact, the Statesman’s related story on this topic indicated quite to the contrary, with anecdotal quotes from Idaho Fish and Game, indicating this area was not winter range for deer and elk, as well as the story indicated Garden Valley’s airstrip has wildlife that “…hang out.” Fire risk? Really? What are you basing this on? Fires are more likely to be caused by household barbeques, yet we do not limit their use. I do not know what my position is, as I do not have the facts, but what I am reading suggests there is no reason, no data, not to approve the airstrip. Please, provide objective data to support your position, and in so doing, educate us such that we can take our own, well-thought out position on this.

Pat Klocke, Boise