Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Clinton-Kaine

Idaho’s Democratic and independent voters didn’t need a painful reminder of their status as a political minority but were embarrassed on national television when a delegate to the Republican National Convention fingered Idaho as the most reliably red state in the nation.

Loyal Democrats will shake this off and continue their fight to restore some balance to Idaho politics. They are confident the frowns on their faces will turn to smiles on Nov. 8 when a majority of other states will soundly reject the Republican ticket in favor of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

After consecutive losses in presidential elections, Republicans have again proven to be slow learners. They avoid discussing issues important to most voters and viciously attack anyone who questions their far right political views. If the “Crooked Hillary,” “Lock Her Up” campaign fails to gain traction, Republicans will try to convince voters Obama has turned America into a Third World country and their Putin-like strong man candidate is the only one in the world who can save us. Nov. 8, 2016, will be a perfect time for Idahoans to reward or punish down ballot Republican candidates for their political judgment in supporting Donald Trump.

Alston Jones, Garden City