Letters to the Editor

Muehlberg letter: Obama

Radical Islam. There, I said it. And I am respecting the majority of Muslims because I said it. Does anyone on the left or the idiotic Obama think that by being as obtuse as they are, they are actually insulting thinking and good Muslims everywhere? What Obama is doing is actually linking all Muslims to extremism by refusing to call it what it is. I believe American Muslims would actually appreciate it if he created a separation between the majority of Muslims and the radicals. By remaining so out of tune, he is the most prejudicial president I can recall.

As to cop killings, I believe no one has done more harm to create the atmosphere of distrust than Obama himself. I can think of great speeches he could give that would be uplifting to all, and that would challenge black youth to become better citizens. He would rather incite them, than to educate and mentor. He has had seven years to do good, and all of his actions have only done the opposite. I cannot remember a speech or presentation by him that was anything other than an attempt to inflame people of color. Shame on him.

Dean O. Muehlberg, Meridian