Letters to the Editor

Logan letter: Diversity makes us better

Michael Greenway’s guest opinion published on July 18th was naïve on so many levels. How can he expect anyone to take him seriously? Greenway wants to stop gun violence by not watching reality TV and or listening to rap and hip-hop music. The idea is absurd. He would have us trade in the Right to Free Speech for the Right to Bear Arms.

“The values of reality TV and the music industry in 2016 promote are evil.” I have always thought that America’s diverse music scene is one of our greatest achievements. Music is a great equalizer. The creativity behind music calls to a deeper self, an emotional island that has its roots in our personal histories and cultural experiences. Sharing our music is a way to connect and understand another’s perspective. I can’t imagine the colorless world we would enter when we start pointing at certain forms of creativity and say, not in my neighborhood. It is a form of racism that is being masked behind a “values agenda.” This attitude comes from a hateful place, not a loving one. And I, for one, am not interested in silencing my creative neighbors.

Erin Logan, Boise