Letters to the Editor

Means letter: Donald Trump

I have been voting for president of this wonderful country for 60 years. With one exception, President Eisenhower, all of those elected were career politicians. Since 1952, the United States has been involved in a multitude of wars, in foreign places, and without any threat to us. We have lost thousands of our children to these wars, spent billions of our hard-earned tax dollars in those foreign places, and accumulated a trillion-dollar debt that cannot ever be paid. All of this under the leadership of career politicians. All of those people have fattened their own wallets, while the average Americans’ has emptied. It’s time to stop this madness.

I will vote for Donald Trump for president for no other reason than he is not a career politician. If elected, I have faith that as a good businessman, he will select quality, knowledgeable, honest people to help guide him through his presidency. And, that he will endeavor to return our country to what it was, even though he must still contend with a Congress composed of career politicians, all of whom owe partisanship to many others besides their constituents.

William B. Means, Nampa