Letters to the Editor

Bachelder letter: Guns

I’d like to hear a lot less about protecting the Second Amendment and a lot more about protecting the public and the police. Guns are part of the problem, so they can’t be part of the solution. We have let the NRA dictate our gun policies, and the shootings keep getting worse. I consider the gun pushers as dangerous as the drug pushers. Anyone who swears allegiance to guns or drugs is contributing to possible injury to themselves, to society or to their children. Guns and drugs are false gods.

We will never have a healthy society as long as people use guns and/or drugs. We should just resign ourselves to all the misery caused by guns and drugs if we aren’t willing to stop using them and work to eliminate them. What has gone wrong in our society, anyway? I don’t see religion as the answer, and I don’t see welfare as the answer. The people doing OK should be polled for their opinions. They might be the real heroes of our economy.

Carol Bachelder, Boise