Letters to the Editor

Juiliano letter: Wake up, Raul

Raul Labrador’s attitude against some members of our society, his “bill” objecting to same-sex marriage, as legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court, is the kind of hateful, negative and prejudicial act that leads to the massacre of numerous innocent people in an Orlando nightclub ... because they were gay. Aren’t there so many more issues for the time and attention of Congress? Police are being executed; black people are being murdered by bad cops; the Supreme Court is missing a justice; veterans are not getting the treatment or benefits they deserve; we are facing a presidential election with two scary candidates; our economy may drop into the outhouse at any minute; Americans’ jobs are still going overseas; ISIS and wacko Jihadists are bragging that they can attack us at will — and this is what Rep. Raul focuses on, generating internal hate and discrimination through his elected office. Really? Wake up, Raul.

Frank Juiliano, Stanley