Letters to the Editor

Thode letter: Political system

The AP recently published the results of a poll that showed 90 percent of registered voters lack confidence in our political system. Large percentages said they were “frustrated” by the 2016 election and they felt “helpless” to effect any change. Low percentages (17 percent of Democrats, 10 percent of Republicans) felt their parties were open to new ideas. When you note that these are registered voters, those who aren’t totally discouraged about the system, you can see why ever-lower percentages of people show up at the polls.

You’d think that these data might be newsworthy, but almost no news outlets reported on them. It seems that the media, which constantly report on the “horse race” aspects of political contests and are happy to debate among themselves about what the public thinks about candidates and issues, don’t ever get around to reporting on what the public actually thinks.

When new ideas are proposed, the establishment and its corporate media tend to downplay these ideas and depict them as unworkable. So we continue to see a disappearing middle class, more income inequality, crumbling infrastructure, continuing involvement in foreign quagmires and further loss of confidence in our political system. Something must change.

Walt Thode, Boise