Letters to the Editor

Perrin letter: State budget

Regarding my experience since attending the Idaho Republican Convention.

The governor’s office and leadership are wearing no clothes, but it appears most are afraid to tell them due to relationships of “political entrepreneur” nature. Like Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale of the emperor with no clothes, Idaho’s top government and program leaders appear intentionally deceived by the financial “weaver.” The governor and others boast that Idaho’s budget is balanced, yet Idaho is heavily subsidized by a destitute institution. How so? Our programs, dollar wise, are immensely beholden to: 1. Tax dollars from other states seized by the federal government. 2. Borrowed money via federal government from other countries. 3. Printed “Monopoly” money (like the game). It seems they, and maybe us too, have forgotten that a spendthrift habit or fling leaves a person penniless and if continued, destitute. In reality the sick, lame, injured and uneducated that they claim to help (or use) are the very people they are setting up to fail. Who’s going to pay it back? Let them who “know best” (the real beneficiaries, the political entrepreneurs), but should know better, pay it back.

Scott Perrin, Cottonwood