Letters to the Editor

Horner letter: Politics

The internationally esteemed academic/theologian Henri Nouwen told the following parable in his 1989 book, “Seeds of Hope.”

...Once there were people who surveyed the resources of the world and said to each other: “How can we be sure we’ll have enough in hard times? Let’s collect food, materials, and knowledge so we’re safe when a crisis happens.” They started hoarding. Other people protested, saying, “You have so much and we have so little.” But the hoarders refused to share.

The fearful hoarders became more fearful, afraid poor and hungry people would attack them. They said, “We’ll build walls around us so no stranger can take anything from us.”

As their fear increased, the hoarders said to each other, “Our walls aren’t strong enough to keep outsiders away; we’ll put bombs on top of the walls and nobody will dare to come close to us.”

But instead of feeling safe behind their armed walls, they found themselves trapped in the prison they had built with their own fear. They became afraid of their own bombs, wondering whether they might harm themselves more than their enemy would.

Amazing, the relevance of that parable to a current presidential candidate’s platform.

Barbara Horner, Boise