Letters to the Editor

Travis letter: Climate problems

I was thinking about the amount of pollution created by 800 members of Citizens Climate Lobby flying to Washington to persuade congressmen to adopt more environmental legislation. A lot of legislation has helped reduce the harm done by certain practices. I also wonder about how much fuel Air Force One has consumed in the last eight years, maybe a million gallons? Instead of using teleconferencing the president finds it more fun to press the flesh.

Instead of long-term climate problems, why don’t we think closer to home of the immediate problems facing us in the Ada County valley? This is a valley where one day this summer we had a yellow ozone alert. Public transportation is almost nonexistent. Where we live the bus service was a block away 15 years ago. We lived between Ustick and Northview before going down to Garden City. We have to walk a mile to take a bus.

With the tremendous increase in traffic since the beginning of the year and with the possibility of a bad inversion this winter, we may encounter serious health issues. I’ve lived in a city where the pollution got so bad that the ending number on your license plate determined whether or not you could drive that day.

Allen Travis, Boise